WINE Course

Let 's study wine in a easy and simple way!!


- 了解葡萄酒歴史及傳墦播途徑。
- 何為新舊世界葡萄酒。
- 重點掌握分辨新舊世界葡萄酒的特性及技巧。
- 如何分辨新舊世界葡萄酒的酒標。
- 如何評核一瓶為有品質的葡萄酒。
- 聞橡木碎去分辨葡萄酒的品質。
- 學習品酒的技巧,包括分辨真假果酸? 分辨有否在橡木桶內醞釀陳年?
- 學習品酒的常用字句。

時數 : 3小時 

課程學費 HK$350 




**備注**如要領取證書, 需另收$20的手續費

Course Nub. Date Time   Tutor
W- 101 9/13 (Sat) 3:00-6:00pm   Damon Yuen
Suitable for: Novice wine lovers who wish to learn more about the main grape varieties. Maximize class size: 15 persons.

**下期課程正在籌辦中, 有興趣人士可致電 (2391 5688 / 9037 9589袁先生) , 或以Whatsapp形式聯絡 (9037 9589袁先生) 查詢

Course Enrollment

- Minimum age requirement: 18 years or older at the time of enrollment. 
- Normal tasting portion of wines, selected by our College. Check out here [link] for our wine sample guide.
- Unless otherwise specified, our courses will be conducted in Cantonese supplement with English course materials.
- All examination registration requires 2 weeks in advance to process. 
- As our course schedules are tight, please be punctual to all sessions and examination.

Payment Method
Bank Name: HSBC
Account Name: Hong Kong Sommelier & Bartender Training College Limited
Account #: 098-860026-001
After transfer/deposit the course fee, please send us the bank receipt together with the course registration form by E-mail or fax. 

**Remarks: In case of insufficient enrollment, we will inform our students of new course commencement date or you may opt for a refund. For inquiry or registration, please contact Mr. Yuen.

3. 請將款項滙入於HSBC學院戶口內 
銀行帳號:Hong Kong Sommelier & Bartender Training College Limited 

4. 注意滙款後,請將入數紙副本名字
a. 以電郵形式發送至
b.  以WhatsApp 形式發送給本人手機 : 9037 9589 (袁先生)

**備註:  如每班人數不足會另行通知上課日期或選擇退款
查詢或報名: 請聯繫袁先生






袁先生 Mr. Yuen


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+852 9037 9589


Professional Tutor

Damon Yuen

Damon Yuen

Damon Yuen ,( Court of Master Sommeliers ) wine & spirit column writer , now the Chinese University Hong Kong, VTC of wine lecturer at various institutions, Also the British wine and spirit education trust WSET Foundation Institute lecturer and international judges of sommeliers, bartenders Competition , wine consultant , obsessed with the wine over the years of drilling , and has worked in any of a number of 4, 5-star hotel management and training, as a beverage manager for the post for 16 years, mainly during the responsible for wine related - sommelier, bartender training, deep wine-related knowledge to understand. read on Damon Yuen