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The Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) is a British organization founded in 1969. It arranges courses and exams in the field of wine and spirits. The WSET is regarded as one of the world’s leading provider of wine education and courses are taught in many international recognised institutions around the world. Hong Kong Sommelier & Bartender Training College offers a great learning platform, conducting WSET Levels – L1, L2 and L3 wine and spirits courses for novice wine lovers and hospitality industry professionals.

Damon Yuen (Dean of HKSBTC) was qualified as the Court of Master Sommeliers
Damon Yuen (Dean of HKSBTC) was qualified as the Court of Master Sommeliers
damone yuen as the cheif wset educator

Course Objectives

Hong Kong Sommelier & Bartender Training College is an institution that is dedicated to training and education, and is independent from any wine and spirits trade.
All courses are conducted by one instructor so that students can focus on their learning. We carefully select different wines based on their quality and terroir to allow our students to understand the characteristics of each wine from their respective wine-producing regions. Our highly experienced certified Sommelier instructors bring a wealth of hospitality experience and educational training into our classrooms to share their experience and knowledge with you.

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Only provide WSET Level 2 Exam
Only provide WSET Level 2 Exam

Why Choose Us?

HKSBTC Wine Education
HKSBTC Wine Education

1. Taste more and valuable wine
WSET Level 1: total 8 wine +5 food (for pairing)
WSET Level 2: total 48 wine +5 food (for pairing)
WSET Level 3: total 84 wine 
2. Longer class time
WSET Level 1:  total of seven hours, with more basic and extra knowledge
WSET Level 2 & 3: extra 3-hours intensive class to improve each student test scores
3. Flexible Make-Up class arrangement
If any students are absence in a class, the college will arrange a make-up class for students, with no additional fee
The exclusive teaching materials - Stone & Rock
Our College provide soil and rock obtained form worldwide wine regions as teaching materials, so that students can understand the soil and characteristic of wine in an easy way. 


在葡萄酒液裡, 我們經常會嗅到不同的氣味, 本學院會提供不同種類的實體教材, 例如橡木塊, 香料, 水果乾等教材, 以協助學員更容易將葡萄酒當中香氣分辨出來



學員如果未能於學院所安排的時間進行考試, 亦可以在半年以內其他相同級別的WSET班次指定考試日期進行考試, 無需額外收費

**注意**如要更改考試日期請盡早與本學院聯絡, 以作安排


所有課堂均會在本學院舉行,地點十分便利, 學員只須在太子地鐵站B1出口步行數分鐘便可到達 (地址: 香港九龍太子道西148號偉興大廈11樓)

WSET Textbook Receiving Arrangement

Note: Student who wants to get the textbook earlier should first pay for a Down Payment
Note: Student who wants to get the textbook earlier should first pay for a Down Payment

Our College advises students could take the WSET Textbook before one to three months they take the WSET class. Therefore, students could read it in advance , allowing students have a basic knowledge so as to obtain better results.

WSET Level 1-3 現正招生

Professional Tutor



Damon Yuen ,( Court of Master Sommeliers ) wine & spirit column writer , now the Chinese University Hong Kong, VTC of wine lecturer at various institutions, Also the British wine and spirit education trust WSET Foundation Institute lecturer and international judges of sommeliers, bartenders Competition , wine consultant , obsessed with the wine over the years of drilling , and has worked in any of a number of 4, 5-star hotel management and training, as a beverage manager for the post for 16 years, mainly during the responsible for wine related - sommelier, bartender training, deep wine-related knowledge to understand. read on 袁大文

Kent Li

Kent Li holds the Diploma of Wines and Spirits by WSET. He is an Associate of the Institute of Wines and Spirits and a certified educator of WSET. Kent has fruitful experience of all levels of WSET courses in various institutions. He also regularly organizes different thematic wine events to share wines knowledge with other wine lovers. read on Kent Li

Angel Cheng

Angel Cheng

• WSET® 1-3級課程認證導師
• WSET® 第四级葡萄酒與烈酒文憑)
• SSI日本清酒(唎酒師)國際級專業唎酒師
• 香港品酒師及調酒師培訓學院合約導師
• 香港大學附屬學院公共關係深造證書
• 香港城市大學工商管理榮譽學士
• 在香港從事葡萄酒销售、推廣及培訓多年
• 現為香港麥迪森酒業集團資深營業經理
• 曾為多家機構擔任客席講師,包括香港科技大學、香港職業訓練局、香港半島酒店、香港洲際酒店、香港木球會、香港银行家會所、香港青年會計師發展交流協會、香港狮子會、AIA友邦保險、AXA安盛保險及深圳葡萄酒教育機構等等。
read on Angel Cheng