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Apart from following courses, our College could provide tailor-made training courses for individual or organizations, please email or contact us for details.

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現正招生 Bartending Course

Bartending Course

本學院在2014年榮獲國際調酒師協會IBA (International Bartenders Association)頒授為香港的認証培訓學院, 學員在完成課程後,更可獲推薦往香港各大酒店應徵調酒員等職位 read on Bartending Course

WINE Course

WINE Course

Let 's study wine in a easy and simple way!! read on WINE Course

現正招生 Chinese Tea Appreciation Course

Chinese Tea Appreciation Course

Tea is the essence of Chinese culture, and China is also known as “the homeland of tea”. With thousands of years of history, Chinese tea has enhanced our quality of life on many levels. How to appreciate Chinese tea? How to distinguish different tea like an expert? The Hong Kong Wines and Spirits Training College offers a Chinese Tea Appreciation course as an interest class. The course is taught by experienced instructor to guide you through the charm of Chinese tea, sharing the health benefits of drinking Chinese tea, methods of preparing different types of tea, storage and the correct ways of drinking it.
Our Chinese Tea Appreciation Course is classified into Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced and Proficient levels. Courses are informative and interesting. Students will be able to master the art of Chinese tea by learning the basics of Chinese tea, how to make a perfect cup of tea by using traditional utensils; how to access the appearance, aroma and taste – thereby understand and appreciate Chinese tea like a tea master. read on Chinese Tea Appreciation Course

Now Opening Coffee Course

Coffee Course

Coffee bean – the seed of a cherry-like fruit – was first consumed by human for revitalization, it has captured the hearts of millions over time. Its bitter yet enticing taste can stimulate the central nervous system, circulation and respiratory system. An appropriate amount of caffeine can reduce muscle pain and increase secretion of the digestive gland. Coffee beans can enhance kidney functioning to help expel excessive sodium from the body; but over-consumption may cause caffeine intoxication.

From growing, fermentation, roasting, blending and brewing, coffee is an art in itself. We hire professional baristas as instructors to take you through this fascinating journey of the coffee world. read on Coffee Course